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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you push 'em?

A- Well,we recommend LYMAN or LEE Precision data. The Lyman data refers to their #2 alloy which has a Brinnell Hardness of 15-17. This (7% Antimony) alloy ia a BHN of 22. So you shouldn't have any velocity or leading issues if you stick to published data. In fact, one customer asked for this alloy without a gas check in the 300 blackout for his AR platform, and he hasn't had issues with leading of his gas port that I'm aware of.

A2 Now on the other hand, if you've overloaded a hollow-based bullet (anyone's) you typically hear a whistling kind of sound because the skirt has been compromised, and there won't be any grouping.

You know, I've been looking at your product line and some of this is really competetively priced. But I think your out to lunch on 'X' product here. What gives?

A- Well yes your probably very astute. Wherever possible, we certainly utilize commercial equipmnet, which of course is labour and time saving. However, with this being a start-up, and not entirely certain where the customers want this business to go; we do do a lot of this in small batches by hand. Particularly the black powder bullets. As we become more accepted in the marketplace, then yes certain things will be scaled up to suite the commercial equipment as much as possible. The other part of doing this type of business is trying to provide as consistent a product as possible. That simply can't be acheieved in this day and age by melting down a pail of wheel weights and skimming off the clips. It was tough enough to get that stuff to work 25 years ago, never mind today. Not even mentioning the regulatory stuff around smelting that would be required. That's why we have gone with a known alloy from a reputable smelter that does smelting and alloying every day for the past 50 years. They also supply several well known American cast bullet manufacturers.

Ever thought about powder coating?

A- Yup. We have. We don't have the work space at this time to do this. BUT for those do-it-yourselfers out there, we can provide a plain as-cast product at a 20% savings from the website price.

Do you have anything for my Dad's old Lyman Great Plains Rifle? He quit shooting it when he couldn't get bullets for it any more[ OR his source of pure lead dried up].

A- Just like the 58 Minnie' ; we hand cast 2 54 calibers. The classic Lyman Minnie' and the RCBS 'Skirmisher' which is a slightly lighter version and also a hollow base design. We also offer several round ball sizes that may work well.

Uhhhm say you probably haven't heard of this, so don't laugh. But have you got any thing for the 577 Snyder/ Parker Hale Enfield?

A- We certainly do! We have two styles of Lyman and a Parker-Hale as well as an RCBS designed Minnie' ball. At gunshows, we generally offer 30 count variety packs. Customers are more than welcome to order any quantity of each directly by email or phone. They can even be ordered with our own black powder lube formulated in-house.

Where can I fid 25-20 WCF brass?

A- Yeah, good question. Near as we can figure; your stuck forming your own from 32-20 cases, which Starline does make. We also reccomend that you aquire a REDDING forming die to assist you.

Do you "ship" bullets?

A- Yes, as noted on the website, Canada Post does offer 'flat rate' up to 5kgs, or 11 pounds. That said; even though we generally sell [for example] the classic 45 / 230 RN in 500 count packaging. It is about 20 pounds. When requested, we can ship just the 5kg limit to help customer's budgets out. Bullet prices are of course adjusted accordingly.

A2- at some point the owner is going to have to break down and set up some sort of account with Canada Post which will be another customer's savings.

A3- And sometimes if your in central Alberta; its simply more practicable to arrange a meet wherever, even a gunshow. Once the COVID-19 is under control.

I see you've got this 9mm Luger brass that's cleaned and roll sized for sale. What is roll sized? Never heard tell of that before.

A- Some modern makes of pistols like GLOCK for example, utilize an un-supported chamber. In laymans' terms this can bulge the cartridge case near the base. Regular case sizing doesn't get it all out. You may even have picked up some off the ground at your local range and reloaded it. Only to find that the occassional one won't fully chamber in your particular pistol. Roll sizing takes that bulge however slight it may be; out. Then the reloader can process his cases as he normally would and reduce the potential gun jams by as much as 98%. We are set up to roll size 9mm, 40 S&W/10mm Auto, and 45ACP, once cleaned.

Do we sell jacketed bullets?

A- Not on a regular basis. From time to time, estates do come up for sale and we offer that as ' old stock' inventory. Email your wish list.

Do we carry /sell new brass?

A- Similar to jacketed bullets, not usually, email your wish list and we'll see what is on hand.

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