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We are a cast bullet supplier located in Stettler Alberta.

I registered Prairie Projectiles in name only in 2015 so I could get into SHOT Show and do some networking. Not having the million dollars(US) for a transfer press to make a jacketed product, I brought some used commercial equipment home from Montana. Then spent the following summer getting it set up and ran my first batch of 45/230gr RN that fall.

Business is still evolving and product line has since expanded based on customer feedback at various gun shows in Alberta.

As part of the equipment brought north, there is plating equipment and as we gain recognition and revenue will be exploring plated bullets.

Based on customers feedback, we have flexibility to offer small (batch) runs of assorted calibers, mostly for centerfire rifle. Using this hard alloy, a customer found that a 210gr Round Nose 30 cal bullet worked quite well without a gas check in the subsonic 300 blackout AR platform.

I do utilize commercial casting and lubesizing equipment whenever practical. However due to the variety of offerings, there is still a large amound done the old fashioned way. I am fortunate to have two part time people who are the backbone of this endeavour.

One is just starting his recreational shooting adventure and is looking forward to getting his grandpa's press and dies setup.

The other gentleman is predominantly responsible for what is available in 20:1 or black powder alloys. He started hand casting for the 303 British nearly fifty years ago. A fountain of reloading knowledge.

When I first started to offer 58 minie balls, I assumed other shooters were looking for a premium consistent product. It turns out most folks haven't tried this before, and are mostly happy to find these big pills. Being fortunate to have aquired a Lyman, and RCBS and later a Parker Hale mould, it seemed logical to offer a variety for "the masses" and when folks figure out which ones groupl and which ones pattern, they can order whats best for them.


Phone # (403) 742-0466

Email: prairieprojectileinfo@gmail.com

Stettler Alberta